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GreenLeaf is a clean, elegant and free professional WordPress theme with mobile friendly layout. GreenLeaf theme was built by an awesome team behind Get it for free now!

Latest Version: 1.62
Last Updated: June 8th, 2012
Release Date: June 14th, 2011

Overview of key theme features:

  • Easy to use Theme Options page
  • Logo upload
  • Custom Twitter feed widget
  • Customizable home page header
  • Responsive layout
  • Full width page template
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom pagination
  • Google fonts
  • WordPress 3.3+ support
  • Widget ready

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Support GreenLeaf Theme

Developing this awesome theme took a lot of time and effort, and months of work. If you like this theme, or if you are using it for commercial website, please consider a donation to help support future updates and development of the GreenLeaf Theme.


Version 1.62, June 8, 2012
- Logo upload
- Full page template
- Mobile recognition bug fix
- CSS tweaks

Version 1.53, January 4, 2012
- Mobile friendly version
- WordPress 3.3 updates

Version 1.0, September 25, 2011
- Google Analytics integration
- CSS tweaks and bug fixes

Version 0.9, June 14, 2011
- Theme release

We are always glad to hear your thoughts. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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  • Turtleflame

    I can’t get any of my widgets to show in the right sidebar. Any ideas?

    • Admin

      GreenLeaf theme doesn’t have any widget areas on the home/blog page, but widgets should show up properly in the right hand sidebar of all the posts and pages.

  • intrepid

    Hi, this is a great theme! Just one question, Is the homepage always split into 3 columns? Can I have 2 or 1 columns on the home page?

    • Admin

      Thanks :)

      If you would set a static page as a home page than you would have two column layout – left 2/3 content and right 1/3 widgetable sidebar. If you want to have blog post listing on the home page, then 3 column layout is the only available one at this point.

  • Vincent Abbene

    I like the theme but it seriously needs some darker text. Also, the links are hard to see at times. Maybe they need to be darker as well. I tried changing it myself but the changes didn’t show up sadly

    • Vincent Abbene

      other than that one minor gripe. I love the theme. Thanks!

    • Admin

      Thanks for the feedback. We will consider it in the next release.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t seem to get this theme to work. As soon as I enable it, the homepage works but none of the posts are loading. It really looks like a great theme from previews but I just can’t get it to work!

    • Admin

      Hi there,

      It may be related to your Permalinks settings. I’d say to test it first, and possiby try to switch to one of the WordPress default themes (Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven) and see if post pages are loading fine.

      • Anonymous

        All other themes I’ve tried have worked fine. Default and one’s downloaded from, it seems that it has to do with this theme. Once I click a post link, it’s just a blank green page, no error, nothing.

  • Elatorre

    Love this theme!!!

    How do I get rid of the wide blank space in the middle and right of the Blog page?

    And is there a way to place adsense on the pages? Right now I am using the Text widget, but then I am not sure where/how to place social networking widgets…

    Is there documentation?

  • Lorraine

    Hey guys, how do I remove the widgets on the rhs please? I cannot move archives and widgets and in my widget page, there is nothing in my sidebar. Cheers

  • Vincent

    Is not mobile-friendly on Android Droid. Boo hoo hoo…had high hopes for this theme in that regard.

    Theme options – Main Punchline & Headline theme options seem to do nothing.

    Would be nice to have a Footer widget and be able to turn off or reposition sidebar widgets for the mobile display. Even better might be to create separate pages just for mobile.

    Mousing-over the logo text in the top left corner results in a strange CSS text effect that would probably work better with a simple color change – even more so on mobile devices.

    Automatically adds pages to top menu bar even when there’s no menu at all. Had to create a blank menu to handle that which wasn’t difficult, but hadn’t seen that before.

    Would also like option to make top menu flush left or center.

    Also suggest having a variable width sidebar with an option to put the Search feature in the footer, sidebar, or remove it altogether.

    Just trying to avoid having to go in an customize another theme for basic stuff.

  • mediafire movies

    is this theme support rich snippet

  • Rtlhkr

    rich snippet?

    mediafire movies

  • Muhammad Khatree

    Please help!

    I have had this theme for a month. I noticed recently that my navigation menu is missing. So I uninstalled the theme and reinstalled it with fresh new files. Still no navigation menu. I switched to a different theme, the menu was there! I switched back to GreenLeaf, no navigation menu.

    I’ve now upgraded to the latest version of this theme, but the menu still does not show. Please help!

    • Admin

      It sounds like you don’t have a Menu properly assigned in WordPress.

      Go to Appearance > Menus and create a new Menu. Then assign this Menu to the Main Navigation position in the Theme Locations box.

      Hope it helps!

      • Muhammad Khatree

        Thanks! That fixed it. But how do I get this theme to show on mobile view? I have WPtouch installed but I can only see the standard WPtouch themes only.

  • Varun1505

    The theme is excellent. But when i re-size my browser window, the theme looses its CSS styling. I can only see the entire content without any styling. Any idea why that might be happening?

  • Jason

    How can I change the text boxes to NOT have a white background. I am looking in the css file, but can’t easily see this.

    • Davidhigh

      I need help with this too. I put a form on the site but the text boxes have no border and are very difficult to see. please help

  • Jason

    Admin – Can you assist on my comment below about the text boxes?

  • Jason

    Is this page checked? Anybody?

  • Betty

    I am having problems with the logo upload. yesterday I uploaded one and now I would like to upload a corrected one but the logo upload “remove image” button doesn’t work. I delete the link and click “update” and I get the “options saved” message but the old logo is still visible, what am I doing wrong?

  • chie

    How can I change the logo. Already I updated a image but I want change new one.

  • cmebd

    For some reason I am not getting the banner showing even though I have entered the Main punchline and Headline texts. Any ideas please?

  • SEO Services India

    I liked this theme but it should have a dark text to look more effectively. Otherwise the theme is great…

  • SEO Services India

    I liked this theme but it should have a dark text to look more effectively. Otherwise the theme is great…

  • divorce whisperer

    how can I create a sidebar in this theme…

  • Peter

    Awesome !!! I will use this theme with my website พรีออเดอร์ ส่งของกลับไทย

  • Sophia Smith

    Awesome theme, thanks for sharing.